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Four years ago the original creators Michael Hisaka and Tyler Filyau were both in management at a popular food chain, when they realized their power of working together was something euphoric. They decided to leave their jobs and set sail as entrepreneurs.

Michael and Tyler were both cigarette smokers and needed a way out. Once hearing about the product of vape, it instantly clicked and was love at first site. Vaping and the vaping industry has evolved into more than just a safer alternative to smoking and even more than just a hobby… it has become a way of life that calls for high quality service and products. The vaping industry needed a leader in the latest and greatest; for that sole purpose, Mighty Vapors was born.

Mighty Vapors quickly became a central hub for the most unique flavored all day vapes in Northern California. The beginnings of creating our delicious juice starts off with a vision and a dream to create a flavor to satisfy and enhance your vaping experience, but little did we know that Mighty Vapors would become more than just a well-balanced definition of premium quality; it became a lifestyle and a trend-setter.

The initial response and feedback we received from our local customers was amazing. Before we knew it the word about our flavor creations had spread like wildfire across Northern California. That is why we so humbly and with great pride, present to you our hard work and dedication- Mighty Vapors.

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